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Application Support – The Family Booth

Initially, when invoking The Family Booth app for the first time the following screen appears on your iPhone.

The three by three white grid provides a predetermined layout for your photo collage. An individual frame can be populated with a photograph by first selecting the bar button labeled cam for choosing the camera device, or selecting the bar button labeled lib to choose a photograph from the existing camera roll. Next, select an empty frame to populate with a photo from either a live snap shot or an existing photo on the camera roll.

The title button located just to the left of the camera button bar may be used to toggle the collage title on and off.

The gear icon is used to configure the camera and collage appearance.

The Family Booth Configure setting view

The next view is the setting screen. The first entry, the collage title, enables the title to be added, edited or simply completely removed. Once completed the resulting title appears in front of the center frame.

The next configuration setting, the camera flash, configures the default setting for the camera flash. By default, the setting for the flash is off. Otherwise the setting can be on so that there is a forced flash, or set off so that the flash is neither automatic or on, but instead uses natural light.

Below the camera flash setting, is the camera device. The from setting refers to the camera lens facing away from you. Conversely, the rear camera faces toward you in the same direction as the view finder.

The background button is used to set the background color of the frame that otherwise is black by default. Selecting the button displays a view of a color picker screen.

The about button displays copyright and credit information regarding the application.

The title color button enables the color title to be configured, while the title size slider control is used to configure the resulting size of the text from a minimum of 12 points to a maximum of 72 points.

Illustration of the end result

Working with all of the above configurations and settings you can easily produce a collage similar to the one below.

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