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Analysis & Architecture

Discovering your target demographic and clearly defined goals is often a troublesome spot for those seeking an iOS app. Our expertise lies in the correct identification and development geared towards your target market. We also work with you to clearly define the goals of the application. This allows a clearly defined architecture to be established, as well as maximizing your dollar as we can provide experience as to what the best returns on features will be. We will also work with you to develop Use Cases to determine the exact specifications of your project, as well as provide you with a Model View Controller so you can interact with and observe the app at its various forms of development. We also provide various metrics about your app and its performance after its completion. Sales data, errors, and customer habits can all be evaluated and analyzed to further refine and exact your app.

Design & Development

We have extensive knowledge in Objective C, the primary programming tool for both iOS and Mac, as well as Cocoa. Cocoa provides a powerful set of tools allowing us to create our own specific instances and APIs which further let us customize your app for just your needs. Cocoa allows us to utilize thousands of Apple and self-made APIs which provide a consistent, quality experience from app to app. The combination of Cocoa and Objective C serves to provide you with a well-versed programming team; a team which is constantly reshaping its approaches to ensure the best possible product. This Iterative Development Process returns many different Prototypes which you can view. As you begin to see how the app will take shape, you can make decisions as to the further direction and goals which you may have for your app. This continual collaboration is known as Agile Programming. A result of multiple iterations of code trial and error, as well as input from both the programming team, testers, and the customer, allow for the creation of lightweight software that is always ready to change to different demands. We utilize Apple’s development tool Xcode which allows for quick prototyping. We can run the software on actual devices prior to releasing it to the app store. This ensures that all programming works efficiently with the actual hardware it will be installed on and provides a consistent operating experience to each and every customer.

Marketing & Distribution

With over 500,000 apps available in the App Store, it becomes difficult for a regular app to be noticed. Our approach, however, ensures that your app will steadily climb through to stand among the best apps in your field. App Reviews, a method of customer generated reviews of the apps, are extremely important and often are a determining factor between two similar apps. We take App Reviews very seriously and will work with you to revise the app as needed in order to meet all of the customer’s requests and suggestions, while still maintaining the flexible code and power we offer. In addition, we offer help utilizing Social Networks to spread the word about your app. Already have an existing customer base or large following on Facebook or Twitter? Let us help you distribute information about your new app so you can leverage your existing base. In turn, they often times post information about your product on their personal feeds, allowing for an increase in viewership of your app to be hundred fold.

Ongoing Innovation

The app world is one of the most quickly changing new markets today. Not even present five years ago, it is now over a billion dollar industry, and being able to take advantage of the top of the line new features will set you apart from the rest. Our team will utilize all of the newest iOS extensions to ensure that your customers are getting the very latest and greatest available. Features such as the new Notification Center and Five Finger Swipe can all be implemented to complement your app and give it a reach feature set. We are also able to tailor more intensive apps to work especially with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Need an app to take advantage of a High Definition video camera that works in conjunction with a new A5 processor? How about one that leverages 3G and Wifi to ensure optimum availability? The unique features of the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are ones that we understand and know how to implement in the best way to serve your customer.


One of the largest draws of the App Store is the ease of monetization. Top developers are reporting earnings in excess of $1,000 per day. With minimal upkeep or maintenance costs, this can prove to quickly be a highly profitable venture. Using our knowledge of the App Store and App Review System, we will position your app in the best place possible for it to succeed. We can also offer a lite version of the app with special arrangements, allowing the app to climb both in free and paid apps and double the possible exposure of your app. One way in which to leverage, and profit, from a lite version app is through the iAd system. iAd is Apple’s way of selling unobtrusive yet effective advertisements inside of an app. This often times lets people use either just the basic features of an app and still provides some revenue to developers, or upgrade to a paid version. One way in which upgrades can take place is through In App Purchases. In App Purchases provide a mechanism to sell add-ons or extensions to the app directly to customers who have already expressed a real interest in the product through their purchase. This is often an extremely profitable way to offer additional features to those who need them: your existing customers! The In App Purchase system provides for a great additional source of revenue and feature sets to entice customers.

Consulting Services

Our primary mission is to help you create the vision you have. Using our know-how and your inspiration, we can create something truly remarkable. This is all possible through our extensive back-end of support teams and procedures. Our programming team will work with you to establish all of the behind the scenes work. They are the guts of the app and make everything happen on screen. Our project management will act as a guide between you and our programming, marketing, and evaluation. Striking a clear goal and path, project management ensures the proper handling of your app from beginning to end and acts as a liaison between your vision and the technicalities of writing an app. This unified vision serves to ensure that your foresight as to the final product and the development stages are all reconciled and united. This secures an active, open dialogue and the assurance that each step is thoroughly and completely executed.

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